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UK Ultraspeed line is a proposed magnetic-levitation (Maglev) train line between London and Glasgow, linking Edinburgh, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and Newcastle.

Because of the vastly reduced journey times, there are considerable economic benefits for Britain. With journey time reduced to 15 minutes, cities like Edinburgh and Glasgow would be able to function as one economic entity and enable greater cohesion between them.
It would also do a lot to balance the traditional north-south England imbalance by encouraging businesses to locate outside London but still have good access to the capital.

There are also environmental benefits, because Maglev trains reduces the number of journeys taken by car and aeroplane between cities and would, in turn, contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transport. Maglev trains also use only 50% of the energy needed to power High Speed Rail alternatives

UK Ultraspeed on Google Earth

The UK Ultraspeed route can now be seen on Goggle Earth.

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